Hermann Dunkelhäuser

Noble - Squire


Drunken playboy, come maturing hero

Being the 3rd son of the Dunkelhäuser family, Hermann never expected his life to be about much else than having a good time seducing farmers daughters and looking heroic fighting the occational orc or bandit…

Herman dunkelhauser   playboy

Then came the greath chaos threat to the empire and Hermann along with his father and their men went off to war – looking to have his own name written in the gilded annals of heroes …alas instead of returning home to the maidens of Kronstadt throwing flowers before their feet …Hermann finds his return not to his taste, and must quickly grow up and be the leader he never expected to be.


WS 42 / 52
BS 33 / 38
ST 35 / 40
TO 36 / 41
AG 37 / 42

Hermann Dunkelhäuser

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