Kronstad chronicles

The Kronstadt Chronicles - Chapter One

Gather round my friends and let me tell you a story of Dastardly Deeds and Halfbaked Heroics

It was soon after the Great War when the forces of corruption were brought low by the Grand Alliance og Men, Dwarves and Elves! {Wait for Applause}

Our good Lord Erwin had been slain by a treacherous arrow and his noble son Detlef crushed by some Chimaeric Nightmare during the battle for Middenheim, may Morr grant them both a peacefull rest. {Pause for effect]

Only a small group made it back from the War, including the youngest son Hermann and yours truly. {pause for applause}

Only a day or so before reaching Kronstadt our small party came upon a small farmstead, where we soon became aware that something was amiss – it was late in the day and the main gate was slightly ajar – and as you know good people, noone ion their right mind would risk letting wolves or Worse behind their walls at night {pause to let them reflect on wisdom}

Silently we entered and before we had gone three steps in we heard the screams of a maiden in distress. Sensing that the time for stealth had passed we all drew steel and charged into the barn, where a trio of ne’erdowellers were about to have their way with one of the daughters of the farm.
We had the good fortune of surprice and quicly overcame the fiends, Hermann scewering one, I lopping the arm of another with my trusty blade {clap scabbard} and the rest of our group easily killing the last one.

There was scant time for thanks from the young Lady, saved form a fate worse than Death, before new danger presented itself. A couple of scoundrels hidden in the main house had heard the ruckuss and one of them – a Giant of a man with a Woodcutters Axe – came to investigate. Unfortunately for the Brute, Strength is seldom match for Skill, and before long Hermann stood victorious. {Raise the glass in his honour]

Meanwhile the last Villain, having realised how dire the situation had become, tried using the other daughter of the house as Hostage. Unfortunately for the poor fellow, I know how to handle a bow with great confidence, so down he went feathered in the eye! {pause for Applause}.

Having saved the family, all was supposed to be well… {Pause} BUT Alas! the family, though grateful, told us that these Brigands were but the smallest part of an invading force that had beset and conquered Kronstadt while Her defendants was abroad saving Humanity from the Dark Powers {Pause for Shock!}

Known as the Crimson Eagles, these traitors against Men and Gods had ousted, and perhaps killed, Hermanns brother Thomas and were busy tyrannising the populace. {pause to let it sink in}

At that Moment a new Quest was reveled to us; By the Courage of Sigmar and the Grace of Myrmidia must we oust the invaders and return the Dunkelhäusers to their rightful place as Leaders of Kronstadt! {Wait for Applause, remind them that a token of their appreciation is appreciated}

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The young son of the dunkelHaüser family is returning hope from war in the empire. During the war he lost his father (erwin), one of his older brothers (Detlef) and most of the soldiers that had started from Kronstad the year before.

All that is left is a few survivers from the campaign. Mostly members of the household servants and a few volunteers. He looked forward to put war and bloodsheet behind him, but troubles was just begin to start…..


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