Giacomo di Beretta

Tall Tilean type with wild outstanding hair and flair for underground engineering.


His familiy moved to Kronstad before he and his siblings were born. His father was in good standing with the local lord (who is now dead and not the lord of Kronstadt anymore) and governedthe work of a sewer system under the city, following the existing tunnels unerneath the city, opening out in the riverbank on the river running thorugh the city. As the father’s son’s grew up, they started to adapt to the life as sewer patrols and rooted out many a foul denizen living there, and actually are the only ones in the city knowing the full scale of the tunnels. They haven’t sought out all the whole system as it is very vast and some places seriously dangerous, but they are at a headstart against anyone else in the city.
Giacomo quickly adapted as one of the Nberetta brothers, but at the start of his pre-teen-hood he started to hang out with the local scientist and engineer XXXXXX whom he bonded with (and also his lovely adopted daughter). The scientist/engineer gave him the spark of creation to pursue a life of engineering, mainly something related to a life underground, thus he quickly adapted his skills towards the noble art of gunmanship, so that he one day might make his own guns.

Right now he feels a bit stressed, since the new guys in town are harassing the locals and the surroundings. So now he is eager to use his secret knowledge of gunpowder craftmanship to aid those in need.

On a personal level he is actually very handsome, but he doen’t care about it at all, he might easily have an easy way with the ladies, and in his normal conversations he often talks about it, as would his brethren have done, but he seldm acts on it, as he actually don’t care about such carnal pursuits. He would rather have a good talk about scientific discoveries or combat techniques than wasting time on some romantic nonsense.

He is lighthearted, though easy to scare, and still a rather tough guy, with some considerable combat skills, and soon, very soon, he’ll have his first brace of guns, and the you’ll all see he magnificense of his abilities.

Giacomo di Beretta

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