Dieter von Krieglitz

leder of the crimson eagles and the current leader of Kronstad


Dieter von Krieglitz is the leader of the crimson eagles. He is from the empire, but not much is know about his past. Some say he is the son of a soldier other he is a son of a farmer.

What is know is that he join the crimson eagles at an early age, when the company was fighting in the empire. He was a natural leader and soon climbed the ranks.

He is now middel age and have been leader of the crimson eagles for the last 12 years. He is a good tactician and very ruthless. There is nothing he would not do to win. Recently the crimson eagles changed tactics and instead of been hired for war, they started their own. They have now taking control of Kronstad and Krieglitz is ruling it with and iron fist.


Dieter von Krieglitz

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